Friday, 9 April 2010

Reasons I'm never going to finish my masters....Part #1

So with the whole day stretching ahead of me I could have done any number of things, could have even put the finishing touches to 1/5 of my dissertation. So what did I go and do instead? Well it started quite encouragingly when I cleared several weeks worth of notes/receipts/coffee cups off of my desk so I could actually get to do some work. But its also when the trouble began, I found my bag of embroidery floss which has been in such a mess I've been avoiding doing any stitching: obviously sorting it was more important than essay-writing so several hours later....

A lovely sorted box of floss all numbered and wound onto hand-cut cards. This is actually only the DMC threads, I can't face the bag of anchor ones yet..... Also found a stack of post-its on my desk with helpful-dissertation/dentist -related things written on them. They won't stick anywhere near my desk because the wall-paper has some funny coating on it. I went in search of some cork placemats that had come down from my gran's and made a noticeboard:
I'm actually super pleased with this, and it will help when I actually get round to some work...
The pins for my noticeboard are a load of those charity/cause pin badges (also from gran's place, I have a huge tub of them, had been trying to work out what I could use them for..). Beamish, by the way, is a place near where my gran lived but heaven knows why they were selling "Beamish" badges or why it was on a green clover! By this point I'd kinda stopped kidding myself about getting work done so I attacked something that had been annoying me for a while and, well, when you've got neatly organised floss its a shame not to use it!
This is my Dad's office chair and I haven't exactly got the okay to embroider it but it was ripped and damaged property is fair game right?

You can just about see in the picture above where I've stitched but there's a close up below. ooh and I stitched it with this ace semi-circular needle I found which made it easier (but not easy) to stitch straight onto the chair.
The -somewhat messy- green branch/trunk thingy is where it was ripped. Was a right pain to stitch because the fabric's knackered; re-covering the chair would actually be the smart move but also more of an ass and have less owls involved! The leaves and the owl were stitched on afterwards, I was originally planning just to stitch up the rip and leave be but I have no black thread and the green looked like a tree so here we are!

Oh and below are my sketches for the owls but nothing and i mean nothing writes on pleather so I had to stitch free hand. :( I'm considering adding a moon and star to the owl-tree design....what do we think, would it be too much?

So basically things look better but I've pissed away a load of time I really need back now. Oh well! Would write-up tonight but its friday and I'm off to the pics to watch Kick-Ass. Academia will have to wait till the morning.


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