Monday, 19 April 2010

Real Big Fish Cross Stitch

"Monkeys for nothin' and the Chimps for free.." made as a birthday present for a friend with a ska-punk/ska-rock type obession! I created something like a pattern before hand, mainly for the space monkey (it's laughable really but if I come across it I'll add it to a post).

You can see the cover or even buy the album at this amazon listing of the album, looking at it I kind of regret not including the banana flag or some aliens now but was worried about over crowding the whole thing. Wanted to have the text as central focus.
I'm only showing the back because this is the first piece I've ever laced before framing: I know, lazy and sloppy! Does make a huge difference though, contrary to what I've said in the past, I'm tempted to go back and properly stretch some older pieces. Sort of made it up as I went along - should have used thicker and stronger cotton - but it held just fine. There's a great lacing an embroidery tutorial over at craftster but I was irritatingly without an internet connection when I needed to frame this!

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