Thursday, 15 April 2010

Office Chair Revamp, seat and back

Cutting and shaping the foam for the seat. The seat is curved and the original foam had been glued on to it, figured I'd follow suit so it'd be sure to follow the contours. Had no idea how difficult it is to glue foam though. Hot glue: fail. UHU: slightly better but still sucky. Superglue: so-so. Thought about going the araldite route but I hate the stuff so in the end the foam held to the seat by the fabric tension which worked fine.

Staple-gunned fabric worked great apart from running out of staples just as shops were closing, buying wrong kind, jamming staple gun. Well, something always goes wrong, just happy not to have stapled my hand to my face!

Finished seat. Back followed same pattern only slightly neater the second time round and minus the staple issues.

These birds fly in the vertical plane, problem with that?

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  1. This is great! Ive been meaning to do the same to my office chair as well, its all worn and used.