Thursday, 29 April 2010


I've just voted (by post) in both the local and council elections. It's been a wierd campaign not only because of the impact of the debates but personally because I've been too swamped with work to pay as much attention as I normally would. Having said that no-one seems that interested in campaigning where I live, there are a few signs and the odd leaflet but despite working at home for the last month I've not seen any door-to-door campaigning or seen anyone out in the community. The leaflets have been different as well, most have been from party central offices not the local candidates. The overriding focus has been on trashing the opposition; I don't for instance know anything about what our local LibDem parliamentary candidate actually supports, only that he seems to believe we have been living under a reign of evil not seen since Sauron stalked middle earth. Anyway these leaflets have been piling up at the end of my desk in the vein hope I'll recycle them but now I'm thinking about crafting with them instead. Not sure exactly where its heading but the first step is pictured above and the second is after the jump:

I bought a bag of quilling tools on a whim with my ebay points :)

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